Cloud Services



Virtual Servers

Server virtualization combines the performance and security of having your own servers with the cost-efficiency and flexibility of a cloud infrastructure deployment model. Use it to help ensure maximum availability and performance of your business applications and services.


Your business gathers more data daily. Having an enterprise-grade storage solution that allows you to access, manage, and backup your data securely will enable your business to evolve and scale with ease.


Eloquent Cloud will provide the technology and expertise you need to manage MySQL®, MongoDB, MariaDB, or Microsoft® SQL Server® databases and optimize their performance. Managed services include  architecture guidance, administration, monitoring, and troubleshooting.


With built-in tools to proactively monitor network performance and minimize latency, Eloquent Cloud allows you to host your business-critical applications confidently. With a secure network infrascture based on Eloquent's constantly adapting network security protocols, your business will be able to scale securely online.

Remote Desktops

Simplify access to your company's work desktops. Regardless of the location or device, your team will be able to securely and easily access their work computer, applications, and content on-demand. The days of investing in new computers every few years is over. Your desktops will be updated, secured, and optimized regularly as part of your managed service solution.

Business Applications

Leverage Eloquent Cloud's curated marketplace of tools and applications designed to increase productivity and efficiency within your organization. Whether it be a developer tool or a web-based CRM solution, we can configure and implement exactly what your organization needs.


Advanced Security

Eloquent cloud's suite of ever-advancing security protocols ensure that your business is protected from end to end. Utilizing best in class technology solutions, Eloquent will proactively monitor and alert you to potential threats to your network.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Comprehensive 24/7/365 monitoring of servers, applications, application dependencies, performance, performance counters, and security.

Software & OS Patching

Allow us to manage the meticulous task of keeping your servers’ operating systems patched. This is essential not only to your environment’s security but it also goes a long way to preventing costly compromises.


Eloquent Cloud ensures that every aspect of your cloud infrastructure is backed-up, eliminating the potential consequences of a full system failure. We can also maintain offsite backups of all of your data at a select set of data centers located around the country.

Technical Support

Support is more than just helping you diagnose and fix issues. We are determined to empower you to succeed. We will answer your questions ranging from best practices, guidance on configuration, all the way to break-fix and problem resolution. We are focused on helping you use the cloud in the best possible ways to achieve your business objectives. 



Best-in-class security built into your infrastructure solution.


Every solution we implement is designed for flexibility and the growth of your business. 


Leverage the expertise of our cloud professionals who thrive on solving business problems with proven cutting-edge technology solutions.


Talented and solution-oriented team members are standing by to provide you with the service and support that you need.



Eloquent Cloud's Management Console brings together everything to you in one place.

With real time performance analytics, security, compliance, tickets, billing, devices, and more, everything you and your team could need is available in this simple easy-to-use portal.
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/ˈmanijəd kloud/

professional service

1. The agility, scalability, and efficiency of cloud computing provided to your organization as a professionally managed service.

2. The benefits of cloud without having to invest the time and resources required to become an expert in everything cloud-related.

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