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Cloud-based business solutions:

Virtual Desktops | Productivity & Collaboration Tools | IaaS

Eloquent Cloud takes the power of cloud and makes it accessible to anyone. Whether you are a Director of IT looking to recreate and digitally enhance your physical network infrastructure, or a business owner looking to save time and costs by consolidating your technology under a single provider—Eloquent is ready to support your future growth.
Future-proofing your business means having a digital infrastructure.
Eloquent Cloud provides your organization with cutting-edge cloud solutions, designed and uniquely configured for the technology needs of your business. Our solutions are hosted on our advanced private cloud, ensuring peak performance and advanced security.


Business Solutions

Business Solutions


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Simplify and modernize your technology footprint.

Traditionally, fragmenting your technology needs across multiple providers was simply the cost of doing business. Just when you've finished sourcing your computers from Dell, operating systems from Microsoft, networking and storage hardware from an outside IT provider, it's time to start on security patches, OS updates, and costly warranty renewals.

Eloquent has taken an enlightened approach to solving these pain-points with end-to-end centralized solutions that super-charge your team's productivity, while lowering your cost per employee.

The cost of multiple providers for:
  • Computers
  • Servers 
  • Operating systems 
  • Business applications 
  • Email 
  • Chat
  • Storage
  • Warranty renewals
Virtual desktops for your entire team. Streamable to any device, anywhere:
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Cloud - Isn't bigger better?

As it turns out, raw size isn’t always the most important factor to consider. 

Business Goals
While most cloud providers expect you to integrate with them, we've built something designed to integrate with you. Every business is unique. And every Eloquent solution is specifically tailored to address the unique needs and requirements of your business. Unlike the cloud vendor who offers the same service to millions, we are your technology partner—ready to address your present needs and deliver a digital infrastructure that supports your future growth.

Privacy & Data Protection
Unlike the big guys, we are not in the business of mining and analyzing your data to serve you ads. Your information belongs to you, which is why your data within the Eloquent Cloud is secured, protected, and made available to you—not third parties.
In reality, the machines run by most cloud providers are essentially commodity hardware running commodity operating systems. While you could take the time yourself or hire someone else to try to understand cloud technology and apply it to your business, cloud computing can be pretty complicated (trust us, we know). Instead, let our cloud experts personally configure, optimize, and maintain your tech to ensure security and performance as part of our managed service.
Email, docs, spreadsheets, calendar and more. All integrated into a single suite of productivity:
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An enlightened approach to cloud services.

What does a technology solution need to be considered "cutting-edge" nowadays? It's not as easy as it used to be. Today, cutting-edge demands:
  • Integration
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of maintenance 
  • Uncompromising security
  • Scalablity
  • Future-proof design
Eloquent Cloud has been built from the ground up to be your single, robust provider of cutting-edge technology services. With our stream-lined business-friendly pricing, built-in security, and personal business touch, we've created an ecosystem of tools and solutions for the sole purpose of increasing your organization's longevity.


Get ready to join the Cloud Movement 

Technology Assessments

Your membership begins with a white-glove assessment of your cloud needs based on your unique business processes and requirements. A personal touch that you just won't find anywhere else.

Access to Development Resources

Whether you are looking to build the next big app, or implement a new internal tool for your organization, members gain access to a vast network of vetted development resources experienced in architecting, developing, and deploying software solutions.

Funding & Financing Resources

Ready to take your business to the next level? Our valued partners are prepared to offer funding & financing opportunities to qualifying members. Breathe life into your 'next big thing'. Membership does have its perks...

Thought Leadership

Sign up for newsletters, webinars, and professional events crafted and organized exclusively for Cloud Movement™ members. Learn how to leverage emerging technologies and network with other professional members in an environment meant to catalyze ideas and innovation. 

IaaS: What will you do with pure cloud power?

Build digital infrastructure together
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Create something entirely your own
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Our cloud is built with the same technologies that help power IBM, Capital One, Cern, and many more.


Looking for more information? Read on.
  • What is Eloquent Cloud?

    We are a cloud services company offering managed cloud solutions to start-up, small, medium, and enterprise-level organizations. Eloquent Cloud offers a unique approach, offering a white-glove approach to crafting cloud solutions, a unique membershp benefits program, and a business-frinedly flat-rate pricing model.

  • Why move to the cloud?

    The cloud enables greater agility within your organization, allowing IT to quickly develop and implement virtual solutions for the real world. With cloud, you can easily create resources as you need them, deploying infrastructure configurations in minutes instead of days. 

    The cloud offers cost savings, too. Cloud migration requires no up-front costs, and migrating from the higher capital expenditures of owning your own hardware to an operating expenditure affords you significantly lower technology costs due to economies of scale, as well as valuable OpEx tax deductions.

  • What is a 'managed' cloud?

    A 'managed' cloud provides you a robust team of implementation, support, and security to your environment. By unburdening your IT staff, we can help redirect and streamline your budget.  We’ll provision and maintain your infrastructure, and enforce security to your platform, freeing up your valuable resources.

  • What is a Cloud Movement membership?

    A Cloud Movement membership is an industry first in value-add by a cloud services provider. Your membership is included when signing up for any of our cloud services and offers benefits such as technology & security assessements, thought leadership events, access to develeopment resources, and access to funding and financing opportunites through our network of vetted partners and prefessionals.

  • I just want cloud services. Do I need the membership?

    No. You have do not have to utilize the membership benefits to use Eloquent Cloud's cloud services. Should you change your mind, access to membership features will be made available at any time.

  • Isn't a bigger cloud like AWS or Azure better?

    Clouds have to be big, right? If raw size was the most attractive option, it follows that there must be vast warehouses loaded with computers out there somewhere. Huge warehouses filled with tall racks of machines arranged in endless rows, like a modern digital version of the ending of “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

    As it turns out, raw size isn’t always the most attractive option. The machines are pretty much commodity hardware running commodity operating systems and the software can migrate in search of a better option.

    All of this means that the search for your perfect cloud is not limited to the biggest. Instead, it is often times defined by your business goals. If you are looking to architect and implement your cloud infrastructure from scratch all by yourself... we are not for you. However, if you are looking to drive your company forward by increase efficiency and cutting costs with the help of cloud experts, we just be exactly what you're looking for. 

    Credit to Peter Wayner of InfoWorld for the colorful descriptions and concepts mentioned above.

  • How do you price your services?

    We provide you with a unique and business-friendly approach to pricing our cloud services and solutions. Unlike most who offer a pay-as-you-go model, we offer our members a tier-based flat-rate pricing model designed not penalize you for using more cloud - but instead to help your business grow with a predictable expense that can be budgeted month to month. Your accounting department is going to love us!

  • How secure is Eloquent Cloud?

    Security is our top priority. The truth is that no single security device is enough to secure your data; security requires a multi-layered in-depth approach to security that is designed to protect your business against attacks, but also against threats and vulnerabilities. Our security services fall into three categories – people, operations and technology

  • What do I do with my old servers, etc. after migrating?

    *Queue the drum roll*

    Eloquent Cloud is pleased to announce our hardware buy-back program! Once your organization has migrated to Eloquent Cloud, we will buy back your old hardware at a reasonable price that will be applied in the form of credit to your account. We'll take care of recycling your old infrastructure safely and responsibly.

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